Looking for a new pool table for your mansion? Then we have the perfect deal for you, and by that we mean an eBay auction that will expire in less than a day for now. The Buy It Now price is a little high, at $9,995 for this 1965 Ford Mustang especially since you won’t really be able to drive it around the neighborhood. In fact we’re looking at a Collector’s Edition 1965 Ford Mustang Pool table that would make your neighbors envy your game room forever. Each table comes with “working lights, real chrome bumpers, chrome hardware, real alloy rims and tires” and the regular pool table right on top of the whole thing. In order to get it by Christmas you should act now as this custom Ford Mustang Pool table will only be delivered in 3-4 weeks from the moment you place your order.

1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table 1.jpg
1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table 2.jpg
1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table 3.jpg
1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table 4.jpg