Cool Examples Of Pop Art Inspired Furniture

Have you always been an admirer of the Pop Art movement? Well, you are not alone as the design-sphere is full of creative renderings inspired  by this genre. The art movement which kick started around the 1950’s still enjoys popularity and while some may dismiss it as banal or kitschy, you cannot help but admire the creativity it inspires and how much it has infiltrated literally every part of design available.

You can see that the home furnishings industry is one area that has taken visual cues from some recognizable images. Listed below are some of the coolest examples of Pop Art inspired furniture and designs that we hope you enjoy or get inspiration from.

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The Union Jack Bath Mat


The Yatlim Bed by OMC Design

Sofa  by Philippe Malouin

TV Stand by Tonincasa

The Boom Cushion 


Chairs by Fornasetti


Kurshun TV Stand by OMC Designs

Hardirop Wardrobe by OMC Designs

Hall Table

Ennezero Cabinets by Canevese Giuseppe

Embroidery Sofa by Mattia Bonetti


Brushed Metal Chair 

Atic Bathroom Vanity by Sonia

Cushions by Philippe Malouin