When it comes to promoting green living through solar powered houses, the current crop of architects and interior designers are doing their fair share. Pick up any architectural magazine or visit any design blog and you will be inundated with eco-friendly designs and homes. With so much dependence on the power grid and rising costs it has become more appealing to look for alternate sources of power. Add to that the tax saving benefits for those who take advantage of the allowed deductions it makes more sense than ever to prepare yourself for the long term savings that the sun can provide even on the cloudy days.Listed below are some of the coolest Eco Homes that run primary on solar energy and promote a pollution free existence.

The Snowmass Village by Greenline Architects

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The Fab Lab by IAAC


The Corum Residence


The Clingstone by J.S. Lovering Wharton

How about this home for a remote and off the beaten path residence?  It looks like there may be some amazing fishing there judging from the boat and dock.

Solar Powered Casa Torcida by SPG Architects


Mobile Home Design Glastonbury from Orange


Beach Home  by  Guz Architects

This design is my favorite by far.  The pool is simply amazing as is the space above it with all the windows.  This place is just lovely

Design by Technische Universitat Darmstadt


Lumenhaus by Virginia Tech


The ICON in Minnesota


Heliotrope Energy Positive by Ralph Disch


The Green Malibu Home by Kanner Architects


The zeroHouse by Scott Specht


The Ontario Eco House by Altius Architecture


Modern Beach Houseby ZeroEnergy Design

As you can see there are some great designs here and the sky is the limit when it comes to the benefits of using natural and available sources of power and in the long run you will be reducing your carbon footprint and helping the global fuel situation at the same time. If you ave an existing home you can have an analysis of cost versus benefit and how long your savings will take to cover the costs or renovation.