Think pink and the mind instantly conjures up a distinctly feminine imagery. It is no secret that the fairer sex has a penchant for the color pink, as there is something eternally uplifting and optimistic about this particular hue (yes I am a girl). So we decided to list some of the most beautiful examples of pink furniture and men please don’t skip this post as everyone should get in touch with their feminine side sometimes!

Pink LBL16RO Washing Machine by Smeg

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pink washing machine

Modern Pink Illuminated Bathtub

pink bathtub

Modern Pink and Mother of Pearl Inlay Console Table 

pink mother of pearl furniture

Neo Baroque Pink Bathroom Vanity

pink bathroom vanity

French Style Pink Chaise Lounge

french pink chaise lounge

Etrusca’s Pink And Silver Designer Bathroom

pink and silver bathroom

Designer Chairs For The Pink Swan Project

pink and white designer chairs

Pink Bed by Karim Rashid

pink Karim Rashid bed

Campus Bathroom by Birex

pink double vanities

Black and Pink Antique French Bamboo Washstand

black and pink washstand



“Drawer’s Chest” by Stanislav Katz

black and pink chest of drawers

Vondom Chaise by Karim Rashid

pink Karim Rashid chaise

Pink Vintage Car Bed

pink Cadillac bed

Hot Pink Blow Table from Elizabeth Paige Smith

hot pink coffee table

Curl Bench by Stanislav Katz

hot pink bench