One decorating challenge is figuring out how to place your television in a room. In 13 TV Furniture Stands from Ikea’s Besta Line we set out to provide a broad sampling of choices in TV furniture. The type of television that you have obviously has a lot to do with finding the right piece for you. I must say that most stores I go to have a small selection of media related furniture and I usually wind up feeling that there may be other options that I have not seen. Even if none of these pieces is right for your living room, you may get some ideas about the proper shape, style, and design for you. A question that you must ask yourself is if you are looking for media storage space. There are many combinations of bookshelves, cabinets, and drawers that can accompany the TV and provide a place to store your media. On the other end of the spectrum are more simple models that serve mainly as a resting place as TV stands.
TV stands
Price: $700.
TV furniture
Price: $1035.
corner TV stand
Price: $270.
lcd TV stands
Price: $190.
black TV stand
Price: $650.
plasma tv furniture
Price: $240.
plasma TV stand
Price: $520.
television furniture
Price: $790.
TV furniture stands
Price: $660.
TV stand
Price: $595.
TV cabinet
Price: $540.
wood TV stand
Price: $310.