If you are a shopper looking for red fabric sofas look no further.  Today’s article focuses on these wonderful pieces and how they can create a living room makeover.  Many homes lack color and tend to have more neutral tones.  This is the power of using red to anchor a design statement and draw the attention of guests and family. Our editors selected ten different designs to show the powerful energy created by these furnishings.   You might be thinking that this is too much or that you would tire of the color too quickly.  These are common concerns that many of us face, but you have to be steadfast in your beliefs and follow your decorative instincts.  It is very rewarding to take the risk and enjoy the fruits of believing in your design ideas.

Cute Red Fabric Sofa Against White Wall

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How about this small beauty?  It has a small foot print that can fit in many spaces even an apartment or loft.  Using accent pillows like in the above picture can tie the other elements of the room together.


modern seating with unique lines and shape

The above design is a very contemporary model featuring an unusual end which might serve as a head rest for resting on the furniture.  Notice also that the couch is also thicker on the right side.  The fabric is super modern so this idea is more limited in what homes it can work in.


extra long sofa in open living space

The first thing that struck me about the above piece is the length of it.  This is the size of a sectional though there is not the other portion that makes up a right angle.  The man appears small on this mammoth piece.   This idea would need a large room to work.  I can see it in a more of a open loft format that uses the natural architectural elements like brick in the home.

super fun love seat in quilted red

Now here is a very fun shape that is more in the size of a love seat.   The furniture back and curves makes a huge artistic statement which is lovely.  It looks to be very comfortable giving the thickness of the cushion.   The wooden legs bring back an old world or antique feel to the piece.

living room accents for decorating

This room features a very simple center point and elements to tie the colors and patterns together.   Though it is red, this is a neutral version of the color so for people wanting to be more conservative in their design, this may make sense.

fruit roll up furniture in a room

The first thing that came to mind was a fruit roll up as I looked at the end of this model.  Perhaps, it could be rolled up carpet as well.  However one sees this living room idea, it’s the cylinder effect of the shape that is most prominent. Due to its large size, this would best be accompanied by more trim accents such as lamps and side tables.

decorative living room in red color

I liked sharing this idea to show how much red is in this room.  The amazing modern sofa is so lovely providing lots of seating for the family.  Adding curtains is a big step and makes the color more dominant.  It can still be done tastefully, but be careful if you wish to add lots of matching accents so that a good idea is not overdone.

box shaped davenport in modern home

The thin side wall here creates a boxy look that is not overstuffed in its appearance.  It’s a simple design that works well in most modern spaces and when there is a lot of white, this model will really stand out.

shag carpeted living space seating

This darker red is another example of taking a risk, but it being more calculated.  The color choice is not too bold so for homes that are more traditional in nature, this may be an option.

great dorm room furniture for studying

This is a great shaped piece for a teenager’s room or even a dorm.  You can see the lady on it with a book so it could easily be a place to study for a student.   Apartments could also use a model like this and likely be able to pair two chairs along with it and still have ample living space.