When Apple says “there is an app for everything”, they really mean it. We have seen iPhone apps ranging from the good,the bad and the purely ugly. Fortunately when it comes to apps related to interiors and architecture, there is more good than bad. However given that most home decor apps are not free, we decided to list some of the best design based apps out there, so that you don’t blow unnecessary cash on the iTunes Store.

Mark On CallBy M.O.C. Interior Designer – $2.99

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Stuck in a design conundrum? Then this app will come to your rescue. Created by interior designer Mark Lewison, Mark On Call lets one plan, preview & carry out their design visions.


iHandy Carpenter – $1.99

Get 5 professional tools in one app and these tools include:

– A plumb bob, the easiest way for you to verify the verticality of lines or walls

– A surface level, the best tool to level any flat surface

– A bubble level bar, exactly as you can see in carpenter tool kit shops, and more beautiful!

– A steel protractor, measuring angles from 0 to 180 degrees.- A steel ruler, supporting both inches and centimeters. By swiping it left and right, the ruler is capable to measure things much longer than your iPhone!


I.D. Wood By Double Dog Studios – $4.99

This app acts like a pocket guide to woods all around the world with full screen samples and detailed information for almost 160 different woods.


Home Sizer By Armchair Design – $2.99

This app gives an estimate of the size and function of a home and lets you enter the dimensions and name of each room while it calculates the area of the rooms and the cumulative usable square footage.


Home 3D By Black Mana Studios – $6.99

Build your dream home in seconds and enjoy a 3D virtual tour inside it.


Dream Office By Apalon – $1.99

Enjoy the latest design trends related to office decor and be privy to pictorial databases of impressive workspaces, executive rooms, receptions and conference rooms.



Dream Home By Apalon – Free

Enjoy the latest design trends related to home decor, access quality images and draw inspiration from the works of the professional interior designers.

ColorChange By Indivigital – $2.99

This app lets you visualize how a space or an object would look in your choices of color. ColorChange is perfect for interior designers, decorators, or do-it-yourselfers looking to choose that perfect paint color.



Color Capture By Benjamin Moore & Co – Free

Take a picture of any color that catches your fancy and instantly get its match from Benjamin Moore’s more than 3,300 paint colors.

Buildings By Despark Ltd – Free

Learn all about the architectural marvels you come across as the app uses GPS technology to pinpoint your location. The app supplies information, images and videos on historic, contemporary and conceptual buildings.