If eyes are the window to the soul, perhaps windows are the eyes to a home.  And if that’s the case, imagine everything a window found in architectural salvage has seen; what a storied addition to a home when repurposed into something new and equally functional. Today’s curation delves deep into the realm of DIY projects and broad, inspired creativity; architectural elements that once let the light shine into an interior space are now serving as jewelry holders, wall art, headboards, coffee tables and more.

It’s architectural salvage ideas at their finest; a little sanding, imagination and a fresh coat of paint yield amazing results when executed properly.  Given a new lease on life after a little TLC, if these windows could talk, we’re betting they’d have an awful lot to say.

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10 Architectural Salvage Ideas for Windows


chalkboard window


window coat rack


window jewelry organizer


window planter


typography windows


shutter headboard


upcycled window cabinet


coffee table made from window


repurposed windows


Platitude windows found at Chickadelic Salvage & Design.