delightful home gym ideas and pool
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The terms “new year’s resolution” and “lose 20 pounds” are, at this point, practically synonymous.  After all that caloric grandstanding over the holidays, from fancy flavored lattes and a few too many party cocktails to overindulgent family meals and endless cookies, cakes and snacks, even those of us who refuse to make goals for the year ahead could probably benefit from a bit of cardio.  So today, we’ve rounded up a host of awesome home gyms, from simple little nooks inside of apartments to breathtaking oceanfront home gyms loaded with fitness equipment.  When it comes to achieving a goal — particularly when it comes to the realm of health and wellness — the first step is often the most important, and regardless of what resources we have at our disposal, the art of sticking to it is critical.  As the old proverb asks and answers on its own, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Awesome Home Gyms

delightful home gym ideas and pool

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home gym ideas

home gym

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