Christmas is just over two weeks away so you still have time to purchase a special present for a special someone. The ChouChou Electric Butterfly in a Jar is a very special gift that would be appropriate for any occasion, not just Christmas, not to mention you could give it to anyone in your family and friends’ circle. The jar in the images below seems to contain a real butterfly and that’s definitely cruel until I’ll tell you it’s not a real butterfly but an electric one. All you need is a couple of AA batteries and this ChouChou butterfly will come to life. Tapping the top of the jar makes the butterfly actually fly around and the person that’s going to get this special gift here will always remember you whenever awakening this tiny electric creature. The ChouChou butterfly will cost you $62 and it should be ready to bring a smile to someone close to you in no time. Just don’t let the butterfly out!

Gift Ideas - ChouChou Electric Butterfly in a Jar
ChouChou Electric Butterfly 2.jpg