Tom Hanks’ character in Cast Away was pretty impressed with himself when he made fire on that deserted island, as well he should have been; rubbing two sticks together to produce a flame is harder than it seems.  Luckily for those of us here in the real world, there are easier ways to ignite a spark, and today’s roundup of fire pits presents an eye-catching way to display the fruits of our labor, however effortless it might be.  Just in time for barbecue season, these 10 pits show the range of materials on the market today — copper, steel, stone and more — and the variety of shapes and finishes to choose from when adding a bit of drama to the back patio.  Fire it up!

gas fire pit
Gas Fire Pit from Lowe’s


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star fire pit
Starry Night Fire Pit from National Fire Pit



stone fire pit
Stone-Based Fire Pit via Everything Simple



square fire pit
Custom Square Fire Pit from Flame Creation



copper fire pit
Fall Leaf Scroll Fire Pit from National Fire Pit



granite fire pit
Granite Fire Pit from Stone Forest



hammered copper fire pit
Hammered Copper Fire Pit from Premiere Fire Pits



portable fire pit
Heatwave Fire Pit from Landmann



custom fire pits
Portable Fire Pit from John T Unger



slate fire pit
Slate Mantel Fire Pit from National Fire Pits



First item in series found at Lowe’s.