We’ve seen some strange lamp designs in our lifetime but we’re always open to more wacky ideas. Such an interesting project is the Disque Pendant Lamp by Dutch designer Marc van der Vorn. The lamp looks, at least from where I am sitting, like an alien mother ship ready to invade the coziness of your living room, or any room of the house for that matter. But what’s even more mind-boggling about this Disque Pendant Lamp design is not the way it looks, but the way it was build. Th lamp has been created by using two “translucent bowl-shaped discs” and around 65 meters of string needed to tie the two discs to each other for a completely screwless lamp design. Anyone up for such a cool DIY lamp project? Via Marc van der Voorn

Disque Pendant Lamp by Marc van der Voorn Hovers Over Your Living RoomDisque Pendant Lamp by Marc van der Voorn - Modern Lamp Design
Disque Pendant Lamp

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