Cooking With Magnetic Fields: Yacht Smart Induction

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As technology invades every little corner of our world, it was about time to let in some air.

With all the new air cooking techniques going around (Philips Air Fryer, anyone?) there is always room for new air-related concepts inside our kitchens.

Meet the Yacht.  The Smart Induction automatic cooker.  On the air.  Literally.



Cooking With Magnetic Fields: Yacht Smart Induction


The Yacht Smart Induction cooker system is based on the principle of induction range following the same basis of magnetic levitation.

With its Magic and Departure Cooking modes the iron pans are levitated thanks to the magnetic field of the induction device.  When the Departure mode is selected, the base ring is hovered allowing also for an intuitive heating power check.  When the Magic Cooking mode is on, not only the pan is lifted on the air, but it’s swayed slightly from side to side to move the food around and cook it evenly.  Something like the Sautéing method but… less jumpy!

Additionally, the Keeping Mode maintains the food at a warm temperature while you are eating.


Cooking With Magnetic Fields: Yacht Smart Induction


The Yacht’s cutting edge design of beautiful aesthetics was brought to life by Lee Dawi.  Its oval shape makes it suitable for iron pans of up to 32 cm in diameter.

So?  Are you ready for a whole new dimension of smart cooking on air?


Photo source: Yanko Design