The X10 Executive Office Desk is intended to be the focus of any office as imaginated by designer Fiorenzo Dorigo for The Quadrifoglio Group, an Italian contract design and production company. A focal point of attraction for the guests and the owners and at the same time a solid and comfortable image that retains the pleasing dynamism of contemporary design.

leather and wood executive desk
The X10 Executive Office Desk is a piece of furniture that will make your work easier and more enjoyable.
All the components of the Quadrifoglio’s executive line are ergonomically designed to the highest level using materials that are both elegant and of high quality.
Completely made in hard wood, the X10 is characterized by a sculptural essence that recalls shapes and lines of the past that are timeless. Combined with leather inserts and finishes, the piece is transformed into a modern and innovative working space. Built with great accuracy and precision, the X10 office collections add austere elegance and enviable individualism to the owner’s workspace.

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quadifoglio furniture designs
The X10 office desk strikes as imposing but at the same time sensual with its roundness and soft lines. Its smooth surface transmits emotions and feelings beyond the mere visual effect, transmitting almost a physical sensation as you imagine slipping your hands over perfectly honed wood essences.
A luxury piece that has been perfected to the smallest detail, and made using the finest materials, the X10 are intended to offer the best working conditions no matter on what side of the desk you sit at.

white desk and working table
Auxiliary furnishings from the same collection are complementing the X10 executive office desks and have been created to generate sensations, encounters, socializing and efficiency. From the same collection and using the same materials, you can find cupboards, tables and sets of drawers that are intended to fill your office empty space and at the same time offer extra functionality.

x10 executive office desk

contemporary hardwood office collection