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Who doesn’t dream of coming home back from a hard days work, opening a cold can of beer, munching on popcorn and lying back and enjoying a movie? We all have our ways to escape but getting lost in the magical world of cinema is one of the best way to do it. Thus we decided to list some of the Super Cool Home Theater set-ups that may just motivate us to strike it rich!
This stunning and luxurious Home Theater Setup is the brainchild of Carmel, Indiana based Tri-Phase Technologies and an unnamed interior designer. The rounded central couch is a great alternative to individual chairs and would be ideal for some family time.

Super Cool Home Theater's with a Theme

The Art Cinema BV is one Holland’s leading home theater specialists and we love rather covet all their set ups. The HT Setup in the picture boasts of walls with wood paneling, a fully isolated room and even an acoustically transparent screen material.

art cienma 2
art cinema 1

We are in love with the Home Theater with 180 degrees Rotating Floor by Casa Cinemas. The setup actually rotates in a very James Bondish kind of style as the 16-foot circle of flooring is fitted with four motors and wheels! It also features a .1-channel audio system powered by a Marantz SR8500.

Home Theater with 180 degrees Rotating Floor

The force will always be with you with this one! Check out this Star Wars HT setup, which will even do George Lucas proud!

star wars pic 1
star wars pic 2

Too cool for Star Wars? Then maybe the Batcave will impress you. The Batcave Home Theater Room by DC Audio Video Systems will want you to don a cave and a cowl! This setup includes motorized black leather recliners, state of the art audio and video system and Cat Woman (kidding).

Batcave Home Theatre

If you are a classy guy or girl then the Parisian Opera House Style Home Theater will be more up your alley. This one took two years and $3.6 million US dollars to complete. It boasts of velvet and real 24k gold décor, 6 separate Digital Signal Processors for the 31 channels of sound, CAT/MBX speakers and 24, 12″ subwoofers.

Parisian Opera House Style Home Theater

If you are a fan of the Terminator movie franchise (even the third one), then you will defiantly lap up the Cyberdyne Cinema. This cyborg-themed theater features a mammoth 159-inch Da-Lite screen and some killer drive-in movie speakers.

Cyberdyne Cinema

If you have $ 6 million to spare then maybe you can purchase the Kipnis’ Outer Limits Theater. The Stewart Snowmatte laboratory-grade screen, a Sony SRX-S110 digital projector and three Snell LCR-2800 center-channel speakers are just some of the many highlights of this set up.

Kipnis' outer limits theater

You thought HT setups can be enjoyed only indoors? Well think again. Check out the stunning Outdoor Poolside Cinema installed by Crown Audio in Orlando, Florida. The setup includes 300-inches diagonal screen, 8 large speakers concealed as rocks, and some powerful amps! Bring the neighborhood down with this one!

Outdoor Poolside Cinema

The RuF Cinema Multimedia Bed is not your traditional set up but we don’t care as nothing screams decadence than watching your favorite movie the way it is suppose to be from the comfort of your bed! The integrated AV rack at the front is designed to be equipped with a projector, a gaming console, an home entertainment system and even a LCD!

ruf bed with tv

The Indoor Pool Home Theater is nothing short of brilliant ! Using an unused pool works thanks to its sloped floors. This particular setup includes a 106-inch Draper screen suspended from the room’s ceiling and a Marantz mounted projector.


If you prefer minimalism and have a penchant for modern chic then you will love this minimalistic home theater setup by James Biber, an architect and partner at Pentagram. The 350 square feet HT setup boasts of soundproofing , dimmable lights and comfortable low seating.

James Biber modern and minimilstic ht

This one is quite a relief from all the fancy and high-tech setup as it pays tribute to the original tube! This belongs to the former owner of NBA Television, Ed Desser and the entire setup includes eighteen tube TVs, an old reel to reel tape player / recorder, along with a Draper film screen, a Sony projector and JBL speakers.

tv tube set up

If you are serious about setting up a state of the art home theater setup then do check out the designs by Current Concepts who work with the top suppliers, including Acoustic Innovations.

current concept home theater design

The Stargate-Themed Home Theater setup looks out of this world! Designed by Phil Chaney and Andrew Caldwell, this intergalactic setup features a screen that replicates the iconic “Stargate” and also includes THX Series in-wall Atlantic Technology Audio speakers, two Sony CX777ES 400 disc players, a Blu-ray player and a complete Control4 control system.

stargate home theater

Trekies will love this one. Modeled after the Enterprise NCC-1701D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, this home theater setup features motion-activated air-lock doors with series sound effects, a Crestron TPMC-10 controller, “one of the largest Kaleidescope hard-drive based storage systems” which can take up to a whopping 3,816 DVDs! Nothing geeky about this one!

Enterprise NCC-1701D from Star Trek