Looking as though it descends down from space who would of thought a lounge chair could look modern and wrap around the body in a comfortable yet minimalist way? The Apollo chair by Erik Joergensen is comprised of a tight lenticular shell in two sections that envelope the body in modern comfort. Similar to a cone or space capsule, the chair got its “Apollo” name from it’s association with a space capsule and its streamlined appearance.


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Apollo Chair by Erik Joergensen

Futuristic chair


The Apollo chair by Erik Joergensen has become a classic in the contract market and even welcomes visitors to the National Gallery of Denmark. Designed by Foersom og Hiort-Lorenzen, its unique colors and futuristic form are perfect as a single table or amidst a group of conversationalist sharing a few moments of camaraderie. Sitting in the Apollo chairs can make you lose track of time and feel as though time stands still while you enjoy their sumptuous comfort.


amazing chair design

Comfortable styling seats


Standing atop of its slender pole and round stand base create the illusion of the chair being held up without effort and gravity. While you are awaiting to meet with important clients at the office or you use these chairs as modern dining room chairs in your home, the ability to synthesize with any interior is classic. If these chairs are unique enough to grace the National Gallery of Denmark, think of how they will enlighten your home or office. Which colors do you love the best?