If you want an armchair that gives you total comfort outdoors, get the Husk Outdoor armchair by B&B Italia. A celebration of softness, this chair can complement even the most traditional sofas. It has a molded plastic shell made of Hirek and soft cushions for added comfort. Husk Outdoor is the brainchild of Patricia Urquiola and comes with two versions of cushions: standard and larger sizes on the seat and backrest. The chair is the result of extensive work to form an armchair that can complement any classic sofa yet remain unique in its own right.


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Husk Outdoor Armchair by B&B Italia

all-weather armchair


You’ll love the beauty and durability of the Husk Outdoor armchair by B&B Italia. It has water-passing padding which enables water to seep through the cushions. Its fixed support can be fixed or rotating and comes in a number of shades such as black, white, sky blue, acid green, and orange.


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The chair’s cushion covers also come in these 5 colors. Husk Outdoor is made from recycled and recyclable materials and showcases B&B Italia’s keen awareness for environmental sustainability and ecology. The chair’s components can be separated thus reducing the environmental impact. You can get it with an ottoman footrest and a small round Husk table to adorn your outdoors. If you want a chair with an inviting design and a comfortable seating experience, get Husk Outdoor. It will fit your body contours for maximum comfort and keep you cozy for hours on end. Don’t you just love everything about the Husk Outdoor armchair?