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Here is another Varier Furniture seating concept called the Variable Balans Chair which is being re-released to a new generation of health conscious workers. As you can see the ergonomic styling results in less stress on back muscles and spine as your weight is distributed evenly on your knees. The Variable Balans was the first chair to be produced based on the Balans concept in 1976, and was developed by Peter Opsvik and H. Mengshol which lives up to its name giving you a variety of sitting positions to move between. The Chair was originally developed to give comfort to women who were pregnant by taking pressure off their back and moving it to their knees. Also know as the “kneeling chair” this is a must have computer chair for those of us who spend long hours at the keyboard. One feature I really like is the ability to lean forward by using the bowed base which offers a conforming rocking motion. Frames in beech, stained in natural, cherry, black and mocha. 5 different fabrics in more than 250 colors. Due out soon!! $495

balans kneeling ergonomic office chair varier furniture

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