URBIA – An Amazing Small Apartment Furniture System

Small Apartment Furniture

Urbia is a unique concept from OBRA Architects that takes urban living to new heights by using Urbia, a small apartment furniture system. Urbia is an amazing furniture system designed to convert a small apartment into a well-designed place.

This concept focuses on specialized space planning that takes into account the layout of an apartment and creates a custom design for it. As you look at the images you will see how the small apartment came together.

Each piece is no bigger than 2′ x 8′ so that it can fit right through the front door. All the pieces are crafted off-site and then brought to the apartment for assembly. The passion behind Urbia is to make the most of urban living.

For people living in cities such as Paris, New York, Buenos Aires and Tokyo, there is no reason that the living space cannot be as exciting as the cafes, restaurants and life of the city.

And if you do decide to move, you can take all the pieces with you. Urbia won a 2008 ID Annual Design Review Award and was briefly featured in their design awards issue in September 2008.


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Small Apartment Furniture
Small Apartment Furniture
Small Apartment Furniture
Small Apartment Furniture
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