Decorative “Curvy” Bookcase Storage / Shelving

Upon first view of these creative bookcase storage units you can tell that designer Vincent Leman has a different take on furniture than most people. These two units are curvy and fun and still manage to do their job as a useful storage space. The first is actually two pieces in painted Baltic birch plywood stacked on top of each other with distressed edges to accentuate the playful shape. 64″H x 26″W x 16″D $2900 The second bookcase simply called “bookcase #7″ from David Coddaire offers a twist on the traditional bookcase also made from Baltic birch plywood construction with iron oxide painted finish. 53”H x 30″W x 16″D $1070 plus S+H

Decorative "Curvy" Bookcase Storage / Shelving