rodolfo dordoni bedroom furniture

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The Lawrence Bed represents a design of a classic piece reassessed in a contemporary way with unconventional lines that provide a light and compact look and at the same time express the idea of extreme class and a sophisticated living.

The Lawrence Bed originality lies in the precision of its structure and the perfectly balanced proportions. Minotti’s superlative construction techniques have transformed this Rodolfo Dordoni design into a piece perfect for sleep, comfort or just relaxation.

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The oversized bed frame completely covered in fabric or leather creates a pleasurable sensation of intimacy and a invitation to relax. Thanks to the upholstery on every side, Lawrence Bed can perfectly be placed in the center of the room and dominate the interior. The padded headboard is divided into two separate elements that come in two different heights and three widths.
It is possible to customize the headboard with different fabrics or leathers, which can be chosen with matching or contrasting tones and it is completely removable.

rodolfo dordoni bedroom furniture

Owning the Lawrence bed will add some liveliness in your room with the colors and patterns on the fabric and helps you avoid using the monotonous shade of just wood or metal.
With its welcoming and inviting form, soft shapes that combine with the gentle lines and the massive elegant and functional headboard that projects out on both sides, Rodolfo Dordoni’s design becomes a must have piece of furniture for medium or larger sized bedrooms.

upholstered lawrence bed

Minotti’s experience has evolved over 50 years of history. A lot of time that have given the company not only the opportunity to consolidate its position within a market that is increasingly more exacting, but more importantly, to refine its taste, search for new forms and technical solutions, develop their knowledge of materials that are already known to them and to experiment new ones.