Updated Removable Wallpaper Looks from Chasing Paper

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Chasing Paper is the wonderful creator of beautiful and creative removable wallpaper.  Whether you are on a budget or renting and can’t paint, removable wallpaper can be the answer.  The idea is to provide affordable and temporary ways to design and decorate your urban home.  This removable wallpaper can be used for many types of projects.  The designs are modern and contemporary and there is a style that can fit any type of aesthetic from masculine or feminine to youthful or elegant.

The wallpaper is sold in 2 by 4 foot increments starting at $30 a pop.  Not bad if you are working on a relatively small project like covering one wall. The website has a footage calculator to make your job easy while making sure you have enough coverage. The lightly sticky adhesive allows for fast drying and easy removal for those wanting to switch up their look often.  Removable wallpaper doesn’t only have to be used on the wall, but can be used on several types of flat surfaces.  Go wild and decorate furniture and appliances. Let’s take a look at some of the fun patterns that Chasing Paper has to offer.


Stripes are classic and clean.  Simple yet fun.  You can’t go wrong with stripes in either vertical or horizontal lines.  Also choose from three different colors.

striped wallpaper

Perfect Plain

This modern country look would be lovely as a back splash in a kitchen.  It was created by designer, Molly Hatch and can be bought in 5 colors.

perfect plain wallpaper

Chalkboard Panel

This wallpaper design is quite different from the rest and features a chalkboard surface that can be  drawn on.  It would be perfect for a child’s room where you can actually encourage your kids to draw on the wall.  The panels come in measurements of 23″ by 46″ and start at $40.

chalkboard wallpaper

Star Bright

Another print designed by Molly Hatch, this stunning Star Bright wallpaper is absolutely effervescent and comes in three other colors.

star bright wallpaper

Flower Power

Here, we have another Molly Hatch original and this soft and pretty floral pattern would do well in small doses or in addition to other projects.

flower power wallpaper


Here is an example of using the wallpaper in a unique and creative way.  Instead of covering a wall, why not use a single panel to give the appearance of wall art.  With heavy patterns such as the one below, using small panels in projects is a great way to effectively showcase the pattern.

red/blue wallpaper


The Antlers pattern can be a great design to use for both masculine and feminine decoration.  The Antlers collection comes in 5 different color combinations.

antlers wallpaper


Another classic pattern is the polka dot.  This pattern never gets old and it can feasibly be used in feminine or masculine decor.

dots removable wallpaper

What is your favorite removable wallpaper pattern?  Don’t see a pattern you like? Head to the Customs section of Chasing Paper.

All images via ChasingPaper.com



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