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Amsterdam’s Light Festival main attraction was the ticketing/information booth. The Eye Beacon Pavilion designed by UNStudio in partnership with MDT-tex is the 2017 Red Dot Design Award winner and an extraordinary product. Inspired by living deep-sea organisms, who counteract the darkness of their environment by using bio luminescence, the Eye Beacon Pavilion that constituted the symbol of the festival was magnificently enlightened with the help of stretchable textile materials and LED lighting fixtures. A sculptural shape that was intended to always look different when seen from another angle even during the day, when the lighting fixtures are not functional .

eye beacon design

UNStudio, the architectural office of Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos in Amsterdam is a company that’s always exchanging ideas with scientists and experts from other disciplines to operate at the cutting edge when it comes to the materials and construction methods used. For this design they have chosen the Germans from MDT-tex, specialists for textile structures that are already developing a futuristic facade system using textile components.
The result of this cooperation is a complex, three-dimensional shaped pavilion, which by night uses choreographed light sequences to alert visitors to its dual function as both a sculpture and an information point for the festival. All surfaces of the pavilion are constructed from tensile textile modules that combined create a pattern of openings and reveal glimpses of the interior.

ultra modern pavilion

The structure is built by a total of 250 textile modules that create the 230 square meter (2,475 square foot) installation. The panels were meticulously built and calculated to create the illusion of two cubes connected at a twisting point resulting in a sculptural form strengthened by its components. Given the complexity of the overall structure, each panel that is part of the Eye Beacon Pavilion is unique and had to be produced as a one-off with different dimensions.

illuminated designer pavilion

UNStudio abd MDT-tex design

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Eye Beacon Pavilion