Unique Desks from Cornelio Cappellini Haute Couture Line
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There are wonderful unique desks when you look around the internet and these examples from Cornelio Cappellini fall into that same category.  These two models are aptly described as Haute Couture which makes perfect sense upon visual inspection.  These are certainly fashionable and expensive.  Moreover, the details in construction are so precise that I am sure that the manufacturing process is challenging and time consuming.   My first takeaway from looking at the pictures is the choice of a neutral cream color and how the representation of it creates a contemporary piece that is very much in style today.  The detailing in the wood is exquisite showing so many small qualities that add to the overall impact of the furnishings.

Unique Desks Cornelio Cappellini Haute Couture Line

This is such a great image showing the marvelous detail in the construction of these unique desks.  The narrow metal bands which go vertical from underneath the surface area to the bottom of the furnishing are reflective providing additional light to the home office.   When looking closely, you can see the triangle shapes that appear in between each metal band.  This soft and subtle technique is not easy to do, but Cornelio Cappellini accomplished it with style.  There is a feminine feel to this model where I can see a powerful executive performing her duties while in the comfort of her own home.   The chairs are great too.  Look at the detailing on the upholstery and the gray and cream combination of colors.  The shape of the chair is great too, creating a sense of formality, but with ample style and good taste.

exquisite Italian leather upholstery on chair

I like this close up photograph as you can see the detailing on the upholstery from the stitching to the gold and silver button.  The gray looks much more soft to me here as compared to the above image where it seems darker.

Wonderful Haute Couture Home Office Table

This work table is just fabulous.  Look at the contrast in the style of the front and back legs.  You have larger almost fruit like modules making up the front and in the back there is a tasteful and edgy pattern that also matches the pattern underneath the table top.   This is such a great piece and one that really grabs my attention.  Notice too how much  more open the office feels since with this model not being as closed off and boxy as the earlier idea.