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Cool Kids Beds

Few things are sweeter than memories of nights spent away from home at summer camp, or at friends’ houses where we got to sleep in the extra bunk.  There was a sense of adventure inherent to falling asleep so high off the floor, drifting off in the midst of a conversation with a friend we could hear but not see.

The top bunk was always the preferable of the two, even though it required a bit of dexterity to navigate one’s way in and out of it in the dark for a middle-of-the-night glass of water or trip to the bathroom.

And bunk beds still stand strong today, carrying on with the sleepover tradition in various styles — some classic, some whimsical, with one or two over-the-top accessories (see: sliding board) we would’ve flipped over back when we were small enough to fit.

With kids’ beds like these, “lights out” is actually something to look forward to.

The Bunky by Marc Newson for Magis

Bunk beds  are pretty common for kids’ rooms so today we’re going to show you a modern new approach called Bunky. The Bunky bunk bed, conceived by designer Marc Newson for Magis, an Italian furniture company, uses just four different pieces that can be easily stacked one on top of each other.

You could move this bunk bed around the room to keep your kid happy, especially if he or she is waiting for one of his or her best friends for a sleepover. The Bunky is a modular design that will also let you use each of the two available beds as single beds, and the four pieces part of the Bunky are all built from rotational-moulded polyethylene.

The surface presents no sharp edges, it’s easy to clean and each bed comes with perforations under the mattress that let the air flow for good ventilation.

bunk beds



Art Deco Bunk Bed from Foshan Saint Furniture Co

bunk bed


Benedetta Bunk Bed via Spacify

yellow bunk bed


Cape Cod White Bunk Bed by Powell

rustic white bunk bed


Custom Bunk Beds via Get Decorating

modern white bunk bed

A Selection Of Quality Bunkbeds From Amazon

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Honey Twin Over Full Bunk Bed from Brown Squirrel Furniture

When it comes to creating a bedroom your children will lovebunk beds  never fail to cover all the bases. Here are two his and hers combination bunk beds  from the “Sierra Captains Bed” collection that offers many versatile configurations with all the options for day and night time.

For him the Sierra Captains Bunk Bed with 6 Drawers and 3 Storage Stairs is available in 5 finishes and 13 knob colors. The stairs are working drawers and can be installed on either end.

The 6 drawer chest is double depth at 23″ while the desk installs on the opposite end of the stairs by reversing the drawer pedestal. For her all the same store applies but the desk has been replaced with additional bedding underneath and a white finish has been added for a feminine appeal.

The durable laminate surface that is impervious to liquids and is scratch and heat-resistant making nail polish, polish removers, make-up, pencil, pen and markers easily removed with any non-abrasive cleaning product.

Both bunk beds  $1,799 with full size bed option available for $300. Honey Twin Over Full bed found at Brown Squirrel Furniture.

twin over full bunk bed


Pink Boardwalk Bunk Bed via Top Furnish

pink bunk bed


Play Bunk Bed with Slide from Woodland

bunk bed with slide


Twin over Twin Dark Cherry Bunk Bed via Kids Only Furniture

cherry wood bunk bed

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Uffizi Bunk Bed by Argington

orange bunk bed

His and Hers Bunk Beds from Posh Tots

When it comes to the perfect way to save space, as well as getting your child to get excited about going to sleep, the bunk bed may be the complete answer. For you daughter the Kendridge twin over full size bunk bed features a pleasing color selection, ample optional under bed storage and nice detailing.

The Kenridge Bunk Beds

The Kenridge is constructed of white pine, poplar, and select hardwood solids for long lasting quality, durability and strength for those slumber parties that tend to happen. 76.1875″W x 78.5″H x 84″L $1529

childrens furniture bunk bed with storage drawers


The Crestwood Bunk Beds

The Crestwood in a natural wood construction offers a more rugged and masculine look perfect for the young boy in your life. Bead board, softened edges and over sized details unite in a design that is a timeless quality construction with a warm honey-tone pine.

The Crestwood Bunk Beds also features a similar bedding arrangement and storage drawer configuration which can be removed and used as an optional trundle bed space.

42.25″W x 78″H x 81″L $1099

full and twin bunk bed childrens furniture


The Doc Sofa Bunk Beds

Take a look at the Doc XL sofa in the first image below! It looks simple, innocent, ready to accommodate you and your family in your living room, right? Now take a look at the second image there!

What you see is an improvised bunk bed ready to accommodate your unexpected guests for the following nights. At the end of the day we’re looking at the same sofa, the Doc XL, which can be extended and turned into a bunk bed immediately.

The whole system is pretty daring and it looks like the Doc XL will respond quite fast to your commands and will be easily converted into a bunk bed setup ready for anyone who’s feeling sleepy.

Doc XL Sofa 6.jpg

Versatile Bunk Beds from DONCO Trading Company

Bunk Beds  remain a favorite for the kids for obvious reasons, they are fun! The grown ups also like the bunk bed option when there is limited bedroom space and a need to get two kids in one room.

The DONCO Trading Company specializes in a wide variety of juvenile bunk styles with various wood finishes, and additional options that can even create a futon by simply adding a metal seat, back and cushion.

Under bed trundle drawers, storage, and under stair storage are available on many models and stairs are reversible for your choice when setting up in your room.

bunk beds and juvenile furniture