On careful inspection, the Vogue Italian furniture collection from Turri shows the wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail consumers come to expect from this country.  I see contemporary design elements all through the planning and forethought, but this line has a super chic feel too it.  I don’t see the influence of minimalism like many contemporary pieces have, but rather style and grace.   I can see this collection in a home of a fashion mogul or a person that is always on the cutting edge in how they dress.

Wonderful Vogue Italian Furniture Collection from Turri

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The above image really shows off the details of these wonderful products.  Notice the shape of the side table and gold band with a lock that comes up from the floor.  The quilted pattern and lock remind me of what you may see in the detailing of a very expensive woman’s handbag.  The coffee tables continue following the same theme, but have there leather in a smoke or light black color.  Coupled with the white stone table top, it creates quite a visual contrast.  Again the shape is not a right angle, but a gentle curve down to the base.  The pair of sofas are wonderful too.  To me the design creates a coziness like two people sitting in a booth at a restaurant.  There is a sense of intimacy to people sitting there.   It’s great in this image to see both the light and dark model so you can think about what may work best in your floor plan.

The lighting on this image makes it tougher to look at, but I am sharing it to show a more close up of the upholstery.  You can really see the detailing in the small leather circles.   It’s a very tasteful pattern that is not too strong making it work in many living rooms.   How about the zipper and gold trim on the bottom?  The designer added some special touches to really highlight the detailing in this Italian furniture collection from Turri.  The wall paper may be too much for many of you, but it is helpful to see that these sofas can go against a wall with a pattern.

Lavender Television Frame and Storage Shelving

The television frame and accompanying storage was created in lavender.  I thought that a bold color choice that many people would stay away from for being too vogue.  It’s fun here to see how it came out and how that might look as an accent wall in a home or worked in some other way.