Modern Fiberglass Armchair by Albino Miranda

I think every aspiring furniture designer should take a stab at the ultimate chair concept just because the ideas that seem to come up are usually extremely creative.

In a recent post we did on the most outrageous modern chair designs you will see what we mean and just how shapes, colors, materials and some imagination can set the stage for the next seating icon that will possibly become a household word.

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I guess the classic armchair which is made to hold one person may just be the most coveted place to relax especially when it has become nice and worn in.


Modern Fiberglass Armchair by Albino Miranda
A stunning looking design

The Triton by designer Albino Miranda has certainly got the wow factor going for it and somehow manages to combine the modern shaping of a progressive idea with the organic leaf-like detailing that makes a tropical island theme.

The Aged Gold finish accentuates the variations of the backing and shadows in the wave-like shapes that were inspired by the reflection of light on the water while the Red finish makes me think of an Asian inspired theme.

And as with any classic armchair, the upholstery needs to stand the test of time like the visuals so a high-quality black leather was used. If you are wondering how such a sculpted shape was possible, its all thanks to fiberglass.

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super modern sculpted furniture

We really like the Triton Ultra Modern Armchair from every side as it takes on a completely unique appeal. From the back we see a straight bold definition that gives way to a smooth sloping and contrasting softer front, lending itself openly to its next occupant.

Manufacturer Karpa has some other seriously awesome furniture, accessories and lighting that shares a common design thread of being classic and not trendy, super cool things for a more discerning crowd.  

(cm):  100 x 83 x 73  (in):  39.4 x 32.7 x 28.7

sleek modern leather chair