The Tindari is a small woven leather table that was created by designer, Antonio Citterio.  You can see that it can be up to a three piece set which will nest very nicely.   I like this idea as you can have a coffee version as well as two ends to compliment either a set of chairs or a sofa.   What is great is how this design combines so many elements and history into one look.  The marble top is quite fascinating.  I recall growing up and seeing antique pieces in my home and those of my relatives that used this motif.   This first became popular in France in during the Empire period from 1804-1814.  This was the time of Napoleon and the country was growing.   Now, what is interesting is that a modern designer chose that as a motif option.   The Tinadari can just come with a wood top though if that is more preferable in your home.    I will say that combing old and new looks is quite popular in decorating and it is fine to do so.

How about the woven look?  The first impression I had was wicker.  I could have sworn this was wicker and an outtake from outdoor furnishings.  The truth is that this is leather.   Imagine how tedious it would be to get leather strung so tautly that it maintains clean lines and is not too stretched.   This was another interesting choice by Antonio in construction of this wonderful product.

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Tindari Small Woven Leather Table by Antonio Citterio

The marble is so striking in the image above shown at Flexform.  The color is nice and light though and the stone does now overpower the piece.  You can see how snugly the small woven leather table fits under the larger one.  It’s great to have that as an option while cleaning or rearranging for more space when entertaining family or guests.

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