This One’s for the Girls: 10 Amazing Shoe Closets

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Although not every woman on the planet is as obsessed with shoes as popular media might want us to believe, it’s safe to say that designer (and designer-inspired) footwear is big business, and with it comes the need for smart storage.  So today, we’re taking an indulgent little detour and sharing a roundup of amazing shoe closets and storage solutions.  With a rainbow of colors and a plethora of heel heights and styles, organization is key, particularly as a collection grows; hence the variety of options across the spectrum from humble to humongous.  As they say, life is short; buy the shoes.  Just make sure you’ve got somewhere to put them.

amazing shoe closets
Slanted Shoe Storage via Made by Girl



shoe wheel
The Shoe Wheel by Rakku



amazing shoe closet
Mariah Carey’s Shoe Closet via InStyle Home



amazing shoe storage
Shoe Shelving via Purse Addict



shoe organization
Shoe Storage Modules from Fashion For Home



amazing shoe storage
Suzanne Rogers’ Hinged Shoe Closet via Coveteur



luxury shoe closet
DIY Turquoise Shoe Closet via Design Your Life



chic shoe storage
IKEA Shoe Organizer via I Heart Organizing



shoe storage towers
5-Bin Shoe Storage Towers from The Container Store



california closets for shoes
California Closets Project with Shoe Storage



Shoe wheel found at Rakku.

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