The Shore Tub Bathtub Is Sinking… When You So Desire

The following bathtub is not your average, technologically advanced, but otherwise boring, bathroom tub. The Shore Tub moves up and down in order to offer you an even more interesting bathing experience. The Shore Tub has enough space inside for four or more people so you’d have to make sure you place it in a large enough bathroom, preferably not your living room like in the images below. Once inside the tub you’ll be able to command it to move up and down as you desire. That way you’ll be able to walk in and out of the tub without worrying about falling in the process, not to mention that the whole bathtub movement has to be pretty interesting once you sit down for the ride. Via HeyTeam

Shore Tub 1.jpg
Shore Tub 2.jpg
Shore Tub 3.jpg
Shore Tub 4.jpg