The Pasadena Traditional Dining Chair from Thomas Moser 1
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We have featured some of Thomas Moser’s classical and traditional solid wood furniture in previous posts, and here is the Pasadena Dining Chair from their new releases. The elegant hourglass shape of this classical arm or side chair has only one flat plane that otherwise seems carved rather than assembled. Shapely legs are faceted and splayed to provide stability without bulk using the least amount of material needed to comfortably support the sitter. The Pasadena’s seats are wide and as comfortable as any solid wood dining chair could be without upholstery thanks to a well defined contour of the seat. Side Chair 37″H x 21″W x 24″D $1,900.00 Arm Chair 39″H x 25″W x 25″D $2,500.00 Side Chair W/ Back 37″H x 21″W x 24″D $2,100.00

The Pasadena Traditional Dining Chair from Thomas Moser


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