The New “Outdoor Range” of Modern Ventless Fireplaces by EcoSmart Fire

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It is going to be time to warm up by the outdoor fireplace soon and our friends at EcoSmart Fire have some new products from their Outdoor Range to keep you warm this winter. The new Outdoor Range models are environmentally-friendly designer fireplaces that are fueled by a renewable Denatured Ethanol so they burn clean and are virtually maintenance-free. The Around Burner offers the ultimate flexibility due to its modular design, allowing you to create an open fire just about anywhere and is lowest priced EcoSmart Fireplace currently available at just $990. Height 156mm (6.14″)Width 301mm (11.85″)Depth 301mm (11.85″) Here are a few more cool ways to warm up by the fire this winter.
Denatured Ethanol outdoor fireplaces

Cyl is a cylindrical shaped “tea light” inspired fireplace. Cyl features a stainless steel base and a cylindrical glass surround made of toughened glass panels which embrace the flame. Retails for $1,990. Height 533mm (20.98″)Width 395mm (15.55″)Depth 395mm (15.55″)

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Mini T is a smaller version of its “big brother” Tower. Mini T features a brushed stainless steel base and a solid plinth, made from four toughened glass panels, which encloses the central, elevated flame. Retails for $1,990. Height 622mm (24.49″)Width 440mm (17.32″)Depth 440mm (17.32″)

ethanol lanterns eco smart

Lantern is constructed from mild steel with a bronze patina. Each side is decorated with an abstract cut-out pattern so that when the Lantern is lit, the pattern is enhanced by the flame, creating a visually dramatic fireplace. Retails for $3,990. Height 792mm (31.18″)Width 435mm (17.13″)Depth 451mm (17.76″)

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