The Lido Outdoor Lounger by Wohnbedarf, a Mediterranean beach chair turned luxury rocking chair proved to me that people from all facets of life don’t always enjoy a stationary chair. The designers Battista and Guido Giudici captured comfort and the 1930’s design without compromising one for the other. While this outdoor lounger may not look like much, it’s made to stand up to the elements with it’s galvanized steel frame and cotton/linen seats.
Personally, if it wasn’t for the price tag of $1,350 I’d be ordering myself one from Lumens online store and clearing out a space for it in my apartment as we speak. With measurements of 23″w x 43″l x 41″h I would find the Lido lounger to be much more comfortable then the white plastic ones I have out back now. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to just purchase the lounger when they sell the leg rest as well.

Lido Outdoor Lounger by Wohnbedarf.jpg