The Ipod has made its way into our culture in full force, and so have the cool sound systems and docking stations that bring the memory banks of this little wonder to life.
The Vers hand crafted Ipod docking stations are made of “real wood for real sound” and have won some coolest gadget awards as well as being a finalist in the 2008 IDEA Eco Design Category. Shown here are the larger Vers 2X that offers big sound for any room, and the smaller Vers 1.5R that is versatile and compact and features a dual alarm clock. They offer 1 and 2 – 15 watt full range speakers respectively and remote controls with 25 foot range are among other options you can read about here. 1.5R $219 210 mm (W) X 175 mm (D) X 144 mm (H) 2X $199 283 mm (L) X 143 mm (D) X 143 mm (H) Natural Cherry Shown

vers ipod clock radio and docking station

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vers ipod alarm clock docking station
vers ipod clock radio and docking station with remote control