Personal Pie Baker and other Quirky Small Kitchen Appliances

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Tis the season for holiday parties, family get-togethers and — let’s be honest — who would appreciate quirky small kitchen appliances.  For gadget-geeks-turned-culinary-connoisseurs, Hammacher Schlemmer and Bed Bath & Beyond don’t disappoint this year with their inventive selections of quirky small kitchen appliances designed to suit even the most specific of needs.  If you simply must make the perfect cup of hot chocolate, a set of four miniature pies, your very own soft pretzels or perhaps a one-hour brisket (yes, evidently it’s possible), there’s something on the market for you.  Deck the halls with roasted garlic and invite folks over for the perfect keg pour; if you can dream it up this holiday season, there’s probably a gadget for it.

Personal Pie Baker and other Quirky Small Kitchen Appliances


hot chocolate maker


The Todco Stainless Steel Roasted Garlic Express Electric Roaster


Nostalgia Electrics Soft Pretzel Factory


indoor pressure smoker


stainless steel keg machine


These gadgets can be found at Hammacher Schlemmer and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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