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If you ask me or anyone else who knows me well, what is my favorite color, the answer will always be black.  I just love the color black.  It has a special effect on me and  I will always feel drawn to black objects… and clothes for that matter.  For me, the absence of color will always portray absoluteness and perfect harmony with everything else.

And now you have to see this to understand it.  How a fragment of black carbon fibre and volcanic lava stone can create such an amazing piece of furniture.  As Martin Neumeier once said: “A picture is worth a thousand dollars.”  But the ONYX sofa is worth a lot more.


The ONYX Sofa: Hi-tech in Perfect Harmony with Nature


Designed by Pierre Gimbergues for Peugeot Design Lab, the ONYX sofa was exclusively presented at the 2014’s Milan Design Week.  Originally created in 2012, this otherworldly furniture concept is a carved 3 meter long work of carbon fibre art, integrated into a straight cut of Volvic lava stone.  This sofa is part of a series of avant-garde furniture – tables, armchairs, lamps and shelves – conceived from elements like carbon fiber, rock, glass, aluminum, wood in combination with others.


The ONYX Sofa: Hi-tech in Perfect Harmony with Nature

It took thousands of years for the Volvic stone to filter water before hand cutting or carving it but once in possesion of the designer, it only took 70 days for Pierre Gimbergues to prepare the Volvic lava stone and attach it to a framed hi-tech piece of carbon, resulting in an 800-pound of sophisticated and seductive progressive design.

The ONYX Sofa: Hi-tech in Perfect Harmony with Nature


At first the idea might sound absurd, and even uncomfortable, but who cares?  It’s one amazing example of the creative possibilities of a designer who feels inspired by nature.


Source: Peugeot Design Lab

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