The Margot Georhe Hand-Blown Brass Chandelier

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Combining contemporary aesthetics with utmost functionality is always a Herculean task. However with the Margot Georhe Chandelier, the design team behind the lighting fixture blends the two principles beautifully.


A brainchild of the EggCollective, the hand-blown glass chandelier emits a healthy dose of fantasy, even though it has been inspired by the blooming patterns of flowers. First spotted at the ICFF, this beautiful lighting fixture will command attention in any space, be it a mid-century home, an avant-garde office or a hip restaurant.


The Margot Georhe Chandelier is also made of solid satin brass and is surprisingly modular in nature. Even though flamboyant in nature, the lamp emits an atmosphere of calm quietude and the muted glow with the earthy tones makes for brilliant imagery.


Says Egg Collective, “Inspired by flowers and naturally occurring geometries, tiers can be added or subtracted from this light to create a custom fixture.”

hand-blown Margot Georhe Chandelier Margot Georhe Chandelier brass and hand-blown glass chandelier


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