The Lift House Would Stand Out In Any Neighborhood

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The Lift house, designed by Japanese architecture firm Apollo Architects, is certainly one of a kind. Its strong and firm geometrical lines make it stand out from the crowd as this home is nothing like what you usually see in a quiet neighborhood. Besides its rigid aspect we immediately notice the protruding upper floor that’s ready to offer some shade and protection to the cars parked below it. We don’t have a full-blown garage but there’s enough space there for two automobiles. Speaking about space you’re going to be pretty impressed about the interior of this home too. The Lift makes the most of the available light, which comes in through the main windows of that abrupt façade but also through the inner private terrace, found inside the house. That explains why there are no windows on either side of the Lift, a feature that makes the house somewhat sinister to anyone passing it by. Besides plenty of light you’ll encounter the same simple geometrical lines when it comes to furniture pieces, as the Lift is still waiting for a human presence to bring some personality to that modern interior design.

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