Uber-modern designer Oriano Favaretto presents a graceful white swirl of Cristalplant® material, twisting elegantly to form a freestanding washbasin called the “Kalla” for Italy-based Mastella Design, as well as the “Kallashort” (a shorter countertop version, just as the name implies).  The almost floral envelope of the trademarked nonporous material is available in black as well, although frankly, the white version is truly stunning. Were Georgia O’Keeffe alive today, it’s not a far stretch to say this might be her washbasin of choice.  The Kalla is 86 cm tall x 70 cm wide, while the Kallashort is stands roughly half as high.  Contact Mastella Design directly for pricing.

The Kalla & Kallashort Washbasin Series from Mastella Design