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There’s no better time of year to watch the sun set (or rise, for that matter) from a cozy spot aside a roaring outdoor fire.  Design Within Reach has just the accessory: its cast iron fire bowl, which spans just under two feet in diameter and stands a mere 7.5 inches tall.  This bowl in particular was designed in 1995 to collect ash in its lower bowl and elevate its flames to better dissipate heat, hence its conical shape.  Portable because of its side handles and efficient with its burn thanks to its grate placement, the bowl was conceived by Polish designer Søren Slebo based on the inspiration point of Danish coastal living, in which fires help ships’ captains identify the shoreline.  Stay safe and dry in the comfort of your own backyard and bask in the heat of one of life’s simpler pleasures, available for $465 from Design Within Reach.  Stainless steel grate sold separately for $110.

dwr fire bowl

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