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Suspended somewhere between Tiffany blue and sea glass, the bewitching aquamarine hue of the Calais Chandelier from Z Gallerie is nothing short of a a scene stealer.  Made of hand-blown glass, the piece can at once call to mind the soothing sounds of a sun-drenched seashore and the interior of a Parisian boutique.  A must for anyone obsessed with the color of robin’s eggs – a favorite shade of home decor at the moment – the six-bulb chandelier runs just shy of 28 inches in diameter and stands just under 24 inches, suspended by a simple chain.  With nothing brighter than 40-watt bulbs recommended, it may not fully illuminate a room, but it’s sure to provide just the right amount of intimate ambience.  The Calais Chandelier is available from Z Gallerie for $400.

The Calais Chandelier from Z Gallerie