The Aeries Cerat Contendo Reference Horn speakers will resonate with audiophiles and design aficionados, given its sculptural presence and unbeatable sound quality. The mammoth speakers promise an unforgettable listening experience thanks to the on board breakthrough technologies. At the heart of the speaker set likes a 4-inch compression Titanium midrange into a 350Hz horn and a 400W amplifier. The amplifier is made out of copper foil wiring and high quality polystyrene and Teflon capacitors. The fact that is housed in an solid external wooden body further guarantees top-notch audio performance. The design in itself deserves the spotlight as it dazzles with its dramatic styling and unique silhouette. The Aeries Cerat Contendo Reference Horn Speaker Set is the ideal fusion of technology, design and craftsmanship.

The Aeries Cerat Contendo Reference Horn Speakers

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