The $21,000 Transparent Clockwork Desk

Artist Dale Mathis grew up amid gang violence in Inglewood, California and spent his childhood dreaming of becoming a real live version of MacGyver.  His hard work, discipline and dreamchasing eventually paid off; these days, he’s the proud craftsman behind a transparent clockwork desk that would make the most discerning steampunk enthusiast stop and stare, and its asking price is a cool $21,000. According to his website, “a ‘typical’ Mathis work is mechanical, with moving gears, back-lighted, highly sculpted, often near 5’ long by 4’ wide and weighing 80 pounds or more” and this piece is certainly no exception. The Transparent Clockwork Desk ’s internal gears legitimately work, and since they’re built on a somewhat exaggerated scale – much like their maker, who stands 6’3 and weighs 300 pounds – it’s easy to sit back and watch them in action. $21,000 via direct order.


clockwork desk



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