For many years the bedding industry offered three major choices of mattresses with very little change over the past generation or so. Innerspring, goose down, and latex foam dominated the market with the inner spring option as the overall favorite.

Of course, there were the pillow tops, individually pocketed coils, and no flip models but the general mattress concept has not evolved much. Then thanks to some space age technology we have seen a surge in the newest thing to hit the furniture industry in quite some time.

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A specialized viscoelastic memory foam developed by NASA to be used in space flight hit the general consumer market. This was revolutionary, and the private market began using it for all sorts of products including pillows, office chairs, and bedding.

This new type of foam reacts much differently than conventional types that generally have a 10 TO 12-year life expectancy. You have probably seen or heard about the Tempurpedic line of products which carry a 20-year warranty and offer a multitude of styles to fit all types of beds.

The foam has a very gummy feel and a slow reaction time which allows it to conform and become very pliable. Once the foam warms up to your body temperature it gets even gummier for a truly conforming feel. The density is the real secret here. Super small cells almost invisible to the eye allow for a heavier and much more resilient material with very little breakdown. Multiple layers add additional support from the bottom to support the thinner top layers.

Some of the benefits to the Tempurpedic line are removable washable covers, long life expectancy, and no chance of dust mites. Another important feature is the lack of motion partners will feel when the other person moves.

The line also comes in a motorized model with options for a split dual queen or king for individual movement. Several versions are available starting at a 9 inch and going up to a 14-inch model.

The prices range from $1599.00 to $7000.00 for the new Grande bed and I can tell you they are all great in their respective price levels. Often sales tax can be avoided with a prescription, check your local tax laws.


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