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Unresponsive reaction from walls is a thing of the past.   The expression “like talking to a wall” will start losing its meaning sooner or later.  So to speak. But the good thing about walls is that they can get as fun or boring as you’d like, although wall decorations have primarily been limited to paintings, photos or wallpaper.  Some innovative artists have brought us the wall-drawing philosophy but as far as walls are concerned, they’re usually static.  Frozen.  Standing by.  Until now.


Talking to a wall: HEXI the responsive wall


Canada-based graphic designer Thibaut has been devoted to the design and development of responsive environments by combining geometry, light, mechanisms and interaction.  Made of 60 moving modules, HEXI is a responsive wall that mirrors our movements and fluctuates according to them.


Talking to a wall: HEXI the responsive wall

This mix of creative design and technology brings us a completely new experience with our not-so-fun walls allowing us to play freely through our body movement.  The mesmerizing moves of the vacuum casted faces create an extraordinary visual moment.


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