Ergonomic seating and office chairs come in all shapes and sizes but most of them follow the typical design we have become accustomed to. The “Swopper” series is perhaps the most unusual and unconventional work related seating you will see. As soon as you sit down the flexible spring goes into action relieving spinal pressure as the lower pivot point allows you to easily move around without standing up. The Swopper “Active Sitting Chair” also enhances circulation, spinal fluidity, posture, and flexibility, while strengthening your back muscles and abs. Other features and models include casters and high and mesh back versions. Base: 55cm (21.5″ in) diameter Cushion: 41cm (16″ in) diameter Height: 55 to 70cm (22″ to 27.5″in) adjustable, without a person sitting on this. Weight: 10,5Kg (23 lbs) Made in Germany From £ 398.00

swopper offce chair

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