Such a Cliffhanger: The Modern Writing Desk from Best Buy

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Whoever said great design comes at great cost was either delusional or a person who stood to make a profit they didn’t really deserve off of something overpriced.  While it’s true that some of the finest designers’ works are worth a pretty penny, and rightfully so, that doesn’t always have to be the case.  Particularly when it comes to the matter of finding inventive solutions to problems of space and budget, aesthetics don’t have to be sacrificed.  While some might argue that it takes a good deal of time and a great deal of patience to put together an interior space with great taste and restricted resources competing against one another, every once in a while a diamond appears in the rough — or at least, the least likely of places.  While Best Buy is certainly known as a hub for affordable electronics and media, and sometimes media storage and furniture as well, they’re not necessarily the first place we think of when we’re considering sprucing up a home office.  Yet that’s where we found today’s feature: a modern writing desk from Prepac that floats rather than stands.  Affixed to the wall, this curved and crafty piece of work is minimalist in appearance yet highly, highly functional, working brilliantly in a small space or as a second desk in an office already occupied by an executive desk.  This cute, clean and crisp floating desk is one we wouldn’t mind spending time perched in front of, writing posts just like this one.  The best part?  It’s available for less than $160 at a Best Buy near you.


The Modern Writing Desk from Best Buy


floating desk


Photo credits: Best Buy/Prepac

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