A gorgeous bookcase can make the difference between an ordinary home and a stylish one. The Stay bookcase by Jesse is one such piece. While it is small in size, it presents a simple and easy way to transform your space. It makes a perfect complement to your modern décor and comes in stackable units ranging from two to four. It offers excellent storage for your reads, collectibles, and mementoes. The innovative storage idea comes with a fixed or rotating base and has a geometric shape that is easy to notice.


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Stay Bookcase by Jesse


Made to hold more than just books, the Stay bookcase by Jesse is a truly versatile piece. You can use it in your bedroom as a bedside table or as a centerpiece in your living room. You can also use it to create a lovely contrast in your home or a playful and happy atmosphere. If you have a colorful home, get it in black and create a fun look. If you enjoy sober environments, get it in white to match your minimalist decor. Either way, you will end up with a fresh indoor look.


modern bookshelf


This bookcase is an essential piece of furniture you can use to display your reads, small collections, and even pottery. It adds visual interest to a space and is ideal for those who like to keep things elegant and simple. Its compact size makes it a perfect match for small spaces. Get one for your home and say goodbye to boring. Other than books what would you display in your Stay bookcase?