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Frederic Collette has designed this cool chair and desk set for children 3-10 years old. If your home decorating theme consists of black objects, then this chair should compliment the design nicely. I like a bit more color for children’s furniture, because kids really add so much to our lives.

This chair has angles in the shape of an “A” to provide more stability in the chair so a child cannot topple it over easy. Underneath the seat is a storage compartment that uses magnets to keep the lid fastened snug with the drawer.

The drawer is perfect for toys and other things that the child may want to keep close by. The fact that the chair stacks is a great feature for me. Children’s things tend to wind up spread out around the home as they naturally are curious and move things around. In the case that you are to have guests over, you could stack the chairs up and arrange them neatly, or store them away in a closet.

A desk is always a great place for a child to have for drawing, coloring, and school work assignments. The desk also has a storage compartment for miscellaneous items. These products are made of plywood lacquered in black, red, and orange. All paint is tested that it meets chemical requirements for children’s toys. The Collect A chair and table are available at DanskDesign.

Chair – $214 30cm x 30cm x 58cm height (seat height 35cm)
Desk – $554 65cm x 67cm x 60cm height

collect A furniture kids chair.jpg

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