Busey is a home bar that offers several options to make it functional in many houses. First off it is portable, coming with wheels. Portability is important since a home bar is often used for entertaining and then put away when not in use to maximize space. This version also opens and closes nearly doubling its size when in use. I like this feature since it helps the bar work in smaller spaces. Further, it conceals the contents inside which you may not want visible to all guests. For example, if your mother-in-law comes over, you may not want her to see the booze inside the cabinet. When she is gone you can mix yourself up a tottie and shazam you have “coping juice”. Busey has a cool modern look with stainless steel and black complimenting one another and then the finish of nice glass shelves. Measurements: 31″x 32″ x 45″.

small space modern bar

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